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Pest experts get rid of rodents. Period. Most of them leave you to deal with the smell, the remains and the clean up. It’s also up to you to seal the holes so the vermin don’t come back. At DeBug 'Em Pest Solutions, rodent prevention is part of our mouse and rat removal program. We find out why they came into your home and how they got in. Then we block them from coming back. So you don’t have to keep calling a Pest Control Technician year after year. It’s called “exclusion” and it’s the right way — the thorough way — to deal with rodents.



If there’s one mouse in your house, there’s probably a lot of them. As you read this, they’re busy nibbling on your groceries, pet food, wiring, insulation and more. Their gnawing can cause a fire hazard. Their urine and droppings can spread disease and contaminate the foodstuffs they come in contact with. So prompt mouse removal is advisable. Our rodent prevention pros will identify the type of rodent you have, apply the best method of elimination, and implement an exclusion plan to keep them out.



Rats thrive in every city in the world. The common rat in North and Central BC is the Pack rat. You don’t often see them but they are there, quietly living all around and below us. Their sneakiness makes rat control challenging. Effective rat control means removing them with the right kind of bait, blocking their entry points and removing the food sources attracting them. However, most Pest Control Technicians overlook the fact that keeping them out is just as important as getting them out.

Our Mice & Rat Removal and Exclusion Process

  1. Inspection
    We ask ourselves: Why are mice in your home or workplace? What’s attracting them? How are they getting in? Where are they hiding? Like detectives, we look for telltale clues like entry holes and nests in attics, garages, decks, yards, sheds, and basements. What we discover determines the methods we use to remove them.
  2. Removal
    Do-it-yourself mouse removal is very tricky and not recommended. Most hardware stores sell baits and poisons that cause the mice to die in their hiding places behind walls or under floors, leaving a horrible smell. The specialized bait we use gives the animal time to return outdoors before dying. Plus we use tamper-proof bait stations so children and pets are safe during the process. We will come back to the property as many times as needed (without extra charge) to make sure all mice are out. Only then do we start the exclusion process.
  3. Exclusion
    If you’ve ever wondered how some Pest Control Technicians can offer such “special” prices, it’s because many of them omit this step or do a superficial job. Mice make entry holes, large and small, that need to be blocked using special materials that other wildlife can’t chew through and start the cycle all over again. After plugging the holes, we seal them either permanently or with a screen that can be removed if access to the area is required. By handling this task, we save homeowners the expense and hassle of hiring a handyman to fix the walls.


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