Bed Bugs Hitchhiking To BC's Interior
Apr 16, 2011

In the past week two local media references in Prince George and Kamloops, have mentioned the spreading bed bug problem has infiltrated their cities.

In Kamloops, the Canadian Mental Health Association is about to unveil plans for a $2.5 million remake of the former Rendezvous Hotel into a 48 bed co-ed shelter.  The plans include steam-like showers, located at the segregated entrances for men and women – aimed at reducing the transfer of bed bugs into the shelter.

In Prince George, an Orkin pest control technician, Shawn Yost, exclaimed bed bug activity has doubled or tripled over the past year.  Although his estimate is not exact, it does reflect what has happened elsewhere in the large metropolitan areas in Canada and the US.

Up to now, news pieces about bed bug outbreaks have been in large densely populated cities – like Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg.  Experts had warned that the bed bug problem would continue to increase and spread.  These small articles seem to be the first indications the predictions are materializing.

So, if bed bugs are heading your way, what can you do to prevent bed bugs?  Education is the first step – “Spread the word, not the bed bug”.  Learn the signs of bed bugs.  Next, install passive monitors, like the BB ALERT®.  And if you feel you have been exposed to bed bugs or wish to be pro-active and rule out bed bugs – hire a bed bug dog to give you peace of mind.  A bed bug sniffing dog can also be called in post-treatment - to ensure the treatment was successful.

Posted on April 16, 2011 by Ken Hando
Bed Bug Mutts

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Bed Bugs Hitchhiking To BC's Interior
Posted: APR 16, 2011

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