Pests and Your Business

New Programs to Help Protect Any Business

Having pests in commercial facilities can cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars annually. It can negatively impact your brand, your reputation, and your bottom line. Pests can also pose risks to your employees, vendors, and customers.

DeBug ‘Em Pest Solutions – a leader in innovative pest management solutions for commercial accounts – understands the importance of proactively keeping your business pest-free. Our new maintenance portfolio of customized commercial programs is designed to protect your business from unwanted pests and the damage they cause.

The Value of Pest Management

Partnering with DeBug ‘Em Pest Solutions reduces your risk exposure and resolves the problems that flies, rodents, cockroaches, seasonal pests, occasional invaders and stinging insects can cause.

  • Prevent financial loss due to production shutdowns and health and safety violations.
  • Keep your business compliant with federal regulations and internal quality assurance standards.
  • Meet and exceed third-party audit requirements.
  • Protect your reputation and prevent loss of business from bad reviews and negative media.
  • Safeguard the structural integrity of your building from destructive pests.
  • Minimize workplace distractions created by pest activity.
  • Provide peace of mind for you and your staff.
  • Allow you to focus on running and growing your business.

Pests Are Risky Business

Pests are simply not good for your business. As you weigh the decision of how to spend your pest management budget consider the following facts:

  • Flies breed quickly and can contaminate food, spread disease and leave behind unsafe germs on food preparation and dining areas.
  • Birds can cause property damage and pose serious health hazards – listeria and salmonella – through their droppings and mite-infested nesting sites.
  • Bed bug infestations can become a public relations nightmare, resulting in a damaged reputation, lost revenue, possible litigation and in extreme cases, closure.
  • Rodents can chew through walls and electrical wiring and put your facility at risk for a fire, and they are also responsible for transmitting diseases and harmful bacteria to food.
  • Cockroaches produce allergens that can aggravate asthma and cause allergic reactions.
  • Stinging insect bites send more than 500,000 people to hospitals with allergic reactions annually in Canada.

Get Rid of Pests in Your Business

Partnering with DeBug ‘Em Pest Solutions is a wise investment to ensure your business is protected against damaging pests year round. Our commercial maintenance programs include inspection, pest identification, structure and sanitation consulting, customized treatments, monitoring, reporting and preventative measures.

Our programs utilize the least toxic products as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to help protect your business, your staff, and your clients, as well as the environment.

Integrated Pest Management

Commercial Maintenance Programs

DeBug ‘Em Pest Solutions employs a method called integrated pest management (IPM) in its Maintenance Programs for residential customers and for commercial customers. IPM, which emphasizes prevention and management in a long-term partnership with you, the customer, involves five actions: identify, monitor, plan, control, prevent.

Identify & Monitor

When you call on DeBug ‘Em Pest Solutions, a trained service professional, will meet with you at the property; whether residential or commercial. We will scout the building and property, looking for signs of infestation or situations likely to attract pests. Indications of pests may include feces, structural damage, etc. Once the pests are accurately identified, the service professional will pinpoint sources of the pest’s food, water, and shelter. Monitoring may also be employed to determine the extent of a problem. The service professional will also look at the bigger picture, analyzing the surroundings to determine whether a worse or different type of pest problem is likely to occur, based on the location, type of property, and surrounding area.

Plan, Control, & Prevent

The service professional will then review the findings with you and present a plan of action to both control and prevent infestation. Perhaps the pest level is tolerable and only ongoing monitoring is required. In other cases, mechanical solutions, such as traps, or physical solutions, such as screens, may be proposed. Some solutions may need to be implemented by the property owner. For example, perhaps old lumber in the backyard are perfect breeding grounds for mice, or perhaps a swing set is located too close to an area of tall grass, which is a favorite harboring spot for ants. Leaking pipes may need to be repaired or cracks caulked.

If mechanical means are not appropriate or sufficient, the service professional may recommend the use of chemicals. In determining which pesticides to use, the licensed and extensively trained DeBug ‘Em Pest Solutions professional considers the type of pest, the level of infestation, and the type of property as well as any particular circumstances such as the presence of dogs and/or children. The service professional will then draw on the expert knowledge regarding which substance to use, in which form, and how often. The goal is effective pest solutions with the lowest impact on the customer and the environment.

IPM: The Holistic Approach

IPM is an effective method to not only treat but prevent pest issues with the lowest impact and least toxic measures. Call DeBug ‘Em Pest Solutions today to learn more about how partnering with us will let you rest easy, knowing that your home or business is safe from infestation.


Pests are on the move in the Spring. We’ll stop carpenter ants and other springtime pests in their tracks by applying a protective barrier around the perimeter of your home to prevent these pests from getting in.

Spring Pests


Stinging insects such as wasps, yellow jackets and hornets can be a major health concern for many who are allergic to their sting. Though we avoid killing honeybees, we’ll take action to prevent nesting by treating along the eaves of your home, under siding and beneath porches, decks and patios.

Summer Pests


When the weather gets cold out, pests such as mice, rats and cluster flies move in causing potential problems for your home and family. We’ll be ready with strategically placed rodent stations and insect monitors to protect against fall pests.

Autumn Pests


Though pests may not often be seen in the winter, we know where they like to live, breed and hibernate. We’ll provide targeted treatments during the cold winter months to help you avoid problems in the spring when these pests wake up again.

Winter Pests


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